Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Harwood flooring come in impression, this kind of flooring has high quality of oak flooring, task flooring, Brazilian cherry flooring and many more with nice engineering and solid platform. Harwood flooring of impression have five lines, which distribute them for selecting the best and finest one from these five lines. These lines actually show quality of smooth finish and other features like hand scraped surface of the product with lot much collection of colors and styles, which are hottest in the market of hardwood flooring.

Each line of these impression wood flooring have their own collection due to some specific features, which are in the line of that collection.First line, which is at the front of this collection, is Cape Cod series. These Harwood flooring are of Brazilian cherry and solid Oak. Their width is from 2 to 3 inches for Oaks while Brazilian cherry is 3.25 to 5 inches in width. These collections are 3 to 4 inches in thickness. You can refinish and sand it on your own or through any professional for lifetime.

Harwood Flooring

One of the best features of this refinishes Oak is that it come from the United States of America with great finish, quality, and maturity. On the other hand Brazilian cherry in the best wood for hardwood flooring which is guarantee that there would be no Scalia. Cap Cod collection is one from other five impression hardwood floors.Another series in the collection these five lines is Hampton Series. This collection has 3 to 4 inches thickness with 6 sealed sides Oak. This kind of collection of flooring has square ends and edges, which look like a floor even in unfinished form as well.

In market this collection is one of the best product of flooring because it 6 sided seal protected it from moisture and make it absorbent resistant. This series is available in many beautiful colors like Saddle, Honey, Natural, Gunstock, and White Oak natural. These colors are choice of designers from top 5 colors, which are available in the market of hardwood flooring. Quality of 6-sided seal is only available in this kind of collection of hardwood floors in all over the world.

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This series is green product of Appalachian Oak, which you can finish, and sand for lifetime. This series has guaranteed same like other series as its sand and finish warranty is 50 years while its structural warranty is for lifetime. Next series of wooden flooring in this collection of 5 lines is Salem Series. It is 1 to 2 inch thick with best engineering. This series composed of Brazilian cherry and Red Oaks. Pieces of the collection are available which you can install above, below or on ground. Edges of this product are 4-sided seal, which help in preventing the edges while defining its edges of each board.

This collection of flooring is eco-friendly because it leaves less carbon than other flooring because it does not include domestic trees during its production or manufacturing. This collection is thick due to which you can refinish sand or move it any time and it remain for lifetime. You can easily staple, nail or glow down this collection of flooring on the ground of rooms.

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