How to Drive Free Traffic to your Website

As an affiliate marketer, I understand how important a tool Google Adwords is with respect to helping my affiliate website receive a stream of targeted traffic right away. This is how pay-per-click advertising helps me realize profits the very day I implement a new campaign. It’s easy to drive free traffic to your website when you have no money But  As a marketer, it is very important to diversify your efforts, and relying on Adwords as your only form of advertising is a good way to blow through a month’s advertising budget in just a few days.

For this reason, I find it productive to utilize free techniques for driving traffic to my website. Although such techniques do require more upfront work than pay-per-click does, the visitors I obtain are almost always in a position where they are eager to make a purchase through my site.

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Because I am an aspiring writer, I enjoy maintaining a blog and creating articles that discuss my affiliate marketing endeavors, and these efforts are also effective methods for driving free traffic to my affiliate website. It costs nothing to post articles or start a blog, as there are many website resources specifically designed for this Purpose.

Plus, if someone is taking the time to read through my writings, they have displayed an interest in my overall message, and they will usually be interested in finding out more information. It does take me a little bit of time to finish a quality article, but this is time well spent.

I also enjoy interacting with other marketers on forums, and forums are great venues for driving free traffic to my website. As long as I contribute to the forum community, I am able to gain the respect of my associates. It does not take long to cultivate a following, and many of these readers will eventually check out my affiliate website. The first thing I do after I join a new forum is to post a link to my site in the signature line. 

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It is understandable that some marketers prefer to hide behind their computer, but I am outgoing, and this attribute helps me with my offline marketing efforts. I never hesitate to tell my friends and family about my affiliate site, plus, it never hurts to post a flier or hand out business cards in locations where there may be people interested in online marketing opportunities.

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The “real world” is a great place for generating free website traffic, and many of the people I interact with personally end up making a purchase through my site. Although I am making quite a bit of money with my affiliate programs, I will wait until I have more time before I get into website optimization.

I realize that this is a great way to drive free traffic to my site – it is just a very labor-intensive process. I have been involved in internet marketing for several years, and the most important lesson I have learned is that I must be diverse in my marketing efforts and willing to try new things. Making money online is primarily about driving targeted traffic to my website, and there are many ways to accomplish this task. If you have any question feel free to ask.

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