Is Your New Relationship A Weight Loss Obstacle?

There is no doubt that entering a new relationship is a bright moment in your life. You have found a companion to love and trust, and you are possibly looking forward to sharing some great times with them. However, it is important to be aware that a new relationship can become a serious weight loss obstacle. In fact, there are several studies that have identified a clear connection between weight gain and relationships. The question is why, and what you can do to overcome these challenges.


Challenge 1: Eating Out

When you are dating, you eat out more often. This is true for most couples around the world. Restaurants, cafes and movie theaters are all dating hotspots, and they all involve food. The trouble is that the coffees, sodas, desserts and roaring sizzlers will do your weight loss goals no favors.


If you want to lose weight in a new relationship, you don’t need to give up eating out altogether. Instead, simply follow some practical steps to control your calories. To begin with, try to set your date at places that have healthy and low calorie menu options. Many restaurants have started customizing their menus to suit dieters, so this should not be very hard. Also, try to share one dessert with your date, rather than having one each!


You could also have a healthy snack before you go out, such as a handful of almonds and a couple of portions of fruit. This combination is filling, nutritious and relatively low in calories. It will also help you control your portions, which is of key importance, if you want to lose weight. Furthermore, keep yourself hydrated while you spend your day out. A lot of times people misinterpret their body’s thirst signals as hunger.


Challenge 2: Making A Good Impression


A lot of people in a new relationship hesitate to announce their weight loss goals to their new partner. Perhaps you are afraid that if you come across as someone picky about where you eat and what you order, your partner will get turned off. Undoubtedly, extremely picky and choosy behavior is a turn-off. However, having priorities and being honest about them is not a turn-off.


Instead of hiding your weight loss aspirations from your partner, be honest and discuss them openly. You will make your significant other feel like a part of your life, and possibly get healthy cooperation. Tell him/her just how important fitness and weight loss are for your life and happiness. And rather than being choosy on the meal table, pick your restaurant and what you are going to order beforehand. The internet makes it easy!


Challenge 3: Weight Lose


This is a big reason why a new relationship and weight loss don’t generally mingle. However, why not try to blend your weight loss efforts into your new relationship, rather than keeping it separate? You could plan a weekend date that involves a physically stimulating activity rather than just watching a movie on Coke and Popcorn. You could go out for a brisk walk, a bike ride, or even a workout together. Alternatively, you could think of something interesting like walking down to your favorite movie theater.


At the end of the day, if you find that your new partner is put off by your weight loss efforts, you have to ask yourself whether he/she should at all be a part of the vision you have for your life and good health.


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