Latest Gaming News for New Consoles

As a hardcore gamer, I’m always hungry for the next big thing. I consider the current generation of gaming consoles to be a big leap forward in the industry, and my teeth ache when I think about the possibilities for next generation consoles. So, with the latest news coming out about plans by Microsoft and Nintendo for their next-gen game systems, you can probably guess that my teeth hurt bad.

Xbox 720 Graphics Rumors


Sources close to the Xbox 720 project have told IGN that the launch for Microsoft’s new gaming console is “late October or early November of next year.” Now, release dates can be moved, so I don’t pin my hopes on them. But the real news is the power that 720 is reported to be packing because manufacturing is probably soon to be underway if that release-date is even close to true.

Multiple sources have reported that the new GPU powering the next generation of Xbox consoles will be from AMD’s 6000 series of graphics chips. That means 3D, 1080p HD video, DirectX11 support and multidisplay support. All in all, processing power is expected to beat the current Xbox 360 by six times and seriously beats out Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console.

The difference in quality between original Xbox and Xbox 360 was already incredible. I can’t imagine what 6 times the current video quality is, and I assume that processing power will open up new functionality as well. Call me goose-bumped.

Blu-Ray Coming to Xbox 720?

Also, reports that the new Xbox models will sport a Blu-ray drive, finally catching up to one of the major selling points that PlayStation 3’s have offered since the beginning. I’m not as thrilled about that due to rumors of new DRM features that Microsoft would use to prevent used games from playing on the console. You can Also Play New Pubg Update. Blu-ray isn’t that much of a novelty anymore, and that type of DRM could be enough to make me think twice about the console.

Nintendo Finally Gets Online

In other news, Nintendo users might finally get a crack at online gaming akin to what Xbox Live and PlayStation Network users currently enjoy. President Satoru Iwata announced the move to a meeting of investors in late January, presenting the Nintendo Network as a place for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U users to play together online and download full games to their Nintendo systems.

That’s a big upgrade from the virtually non-existent online features currently available to Nintendo fans. They’ve been seriously left out of online spaces, which has been a big liability for the Wii console when it comes to hardcore gamers.

As 2012 unfolds, we’re going to get an ever increasing amount of news coming from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. I seriously can’t wait to see what details emerge. What are you hoping to see in your next-gen console?

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