Solutions to Computer and Internet Addiction

Computers are a very important part of our life. One can say that, playing computer games, surfing the internet, chatting with friends, social networking etc. are regular activities a person may perform every time he or she logins. Sometimes the above mentioned activities can become an obsession that gives us an unhealthy emotional attachment. Computer addiction can occur before we know it. Valuable hours spend surfing and playing games can affect our daily lifestyle as a person, and eventually become a habit of a computer addict.


Computer game addiction or internet obsession is obviously not a disease or mental or physical disorder. It is just a habit that needs a gradual cure to get rid of it. The next question that arises is how will you overcome this obsession, once you become aware of the habit? There are few solutions to it.

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First of all identify the hours that you are spending each day and keep a trail of the unnecessary activities that you were engaged in during the hours that you spent on the web. Tally the amount of work that you are ignoring due to the game addiction. Talk to your parents, or brother or sister or may be your good friend who can be at your side to help you get out of the addiction maze. Ask your confidant to hide your keyboard or mouse, so as to impair the tools used for computer gaming.


Delete the game yourself or ask your confidant to block the sites with a secured password, to stop your urge, else you will keep returning to the websites or software that indulged you in for addiction. Try to read a book or plan up a party with friends or a movie or hit up with an outdoor game or develop alternative habits and hobbies. Observe your aggression and irritation levels. In case if all of it appears to reduce, celebrate your attempt and resolve to behave stricter on the rules that you set up for yourself. If still you feel that it is not easy to resolve the computer game addiction yourself, prefer getting a professional help.



The addiction not only creates an immoral environment but also may result in mental stress and physical disorders. Computer or internet addiction seen in kids, teenagers or adults is difficult to overcome alone. A moral support and a track of the changing habits and activities are essential with a professional help that can get you freedom of the obsession.



In order to get more expert advice and get the best treatment, we have created an online addiction curriculum that is centered around the Bible and treats the complete person; spirit, soul, mind and body. This is the first curriculum to show the person struggling with excessive online or video gaming habits that there is a tried and true way out. The website, is a place for confidential help to what you are experiencing.


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