What You Need to Know About Garbage Collection and Disposal Jobs

There are a lot of jobs on the planet, white collar jobs and so called dirty jobs. Among the jobs that don’t receive any acknowledgement in our society is the area of Solid Waste Management often known as Garbage Collection. Garbage collection isn’t exclusively a house to house job. A lot of companies such as factories, hospitals, malls, schools and others call for public and hired third party waste collectors.

These represent the jobs where we must offer employees a pat on the back for their contribution.

Garbage Collectors. Most states in the USA call for garbage collectors to be a minimum of highschool graduate, should be physically fit, have a solid work ethic to handle homeowners’ issues and deal with any garbage collection disputes. They’re the pawns and frontlines in garbage collection and they are the ones who will also work as onsite customer support. If you think that this is not a high paying job, better research once more. In the United States (dependent on the state), the average hourly rate for this position is $16 and may total up to 60,000 dollars earning yearly. This is on top of overtime pay and benefits due to the hazard to health.

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Garbage Truck Drivers.

Garbage Truck Drivers are also the frontline in garbage collection. They’ve got a specific driver’s license and extensive knowledge on the area of where they’ll be collecting. As a result of today’s technology, their trucks at the moment are equipped with GPS (global positioning system) devices that easily gets them to their location. They are also educated when it comes to operating other equipments for instance forklifts, bulldozers and others. Their wages are nearly as good as garbage collectors.

Garbage Disposal Operator.

This designation is for dumping each specific waste to their appropriate end product, for recyclables to be recycled and others. Garbage disposal operators may either operate in laboratories, on the field or both. It’s also one of the more hazardous jobs particularly for dangerous wastes. They’re also obligated to learn precisely how to fix valves, pumps along with other equipment.

Waste Management Fleet Operators.

This position is in charge for tracking and handling all garbage collection apparatus in a particular area for both private and public collectors. They’ve got broad knowledge since they went through Fleet training management planning system and so are educated on the latest fleet management software technology. This career requires strong communication, organizational, and analytical abilities.


Recycling has become a big deal for each nation and has become a solid and beneficial niche for our country. You will find a lot of recycling job opportunities right now including sorters, salespeople, transporters and engineers. Recycling reduces the tons of garbage being dumped to dumpsites, yields thousands of jobs for Americans and gives billions of dollars in revenue for our government.

Garbage collection and disposal work opportunities in the United States continues to be flourishing these last few years. They are not just useful to us by providing us jobs, additionally it makes our home and environment an even better place to live in.


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